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Hello beautiful people!

So as some of you may be aware, I am and always have been a Midlands girl. But recently, I have moved up North all alone to study for my Master's degree. It's actually quite a big change which I didn't expect! A great change though, I love it here and I still love the Midlands. It's just been a lot to get used to. Now that I have lived there for 3 months, I thought it was time to reflect upon my experience :)

For starters.. everyone (well, almost everyone..) has a different accent! Oh my goodness! This took a lot of realisation to start with, and everyone knew I wasn't from around the area as I didn't have the same accent. I'm well used to it now though, or so I think.. haha. The Northern accent is quite distinct and it's definitely a big change from the Midlands.

Some 'slang' terms/phrases that I use are not well acquainted here, and vice versa, I don't get some of the stuff they say. But that isn't THAT common of an experience, as I predominantly interact with students who are not all from here themselves. But even then, there is so much stuff that I don't get from them and people here don't get from me that I have to explain. For example, I recently learnt that 'having a brew' means having a cup of tea. Haha.

Weather wise - apparently it rains a lot here! It has rained quite a bit but not that much yet. I presume there is much more to come though.. especially as we are in Winter.. I hope it snows though, I loveeeeee snow so much! Seeing as I am only here for another 6 months (sad times), I want to see my Uni when it's snowed in!

As it's Christmas time, there were huge Christmas markets put around Manchester city centre. They were so beautiful, I absolutely loved them! I am a child when it comes to pretty lights and Christmas decorations. This is something that I adored and was so happy to see! Something they didn't have at my previous Uni, so that was definitely a good change.

Christmas Markets in Manchester
And as it's Christmas tomorrow, I hope you all have a fabulous day and take care of yourselves! If you don't celebrate Christmas, just have a good day anyway :D Eat lots and stay happy.

Lots of festive love,
Ayesha xxx

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  1. I think it would be a massive culture shock for me, whenever I visit Jade, I'm always shocked how different it is and the difference in fashion sense haha. I'd love to visit the Xmas market. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Tara x

  2. Lovely photos :) I'm on your blog for the first time but I think I'm going to visit more often :)
    my blog


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