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10:24 pm

Hello everyone!

So I'm finally here writing my first blog post! I don't really know how things work in the blogging world, but I've decided to continue this blog at least till the end of summer 2014, just to see how things go. I'll be blogging about whatever I feel like really, and there may well be random posts.

So a little about me.. Well, I recently graduated from University and I'm an enthusiastic and bright individual. I love all things vintage and I'm obsessed with watches! So to start off my first post I'd like to bring to attention a recent discovery.. Olivia Burton watches. 

Olivia Burton provide a variety of beautiful vintage inspired watches, at an affordable price. They are fairly new but fast growing. I purchased their beautiful mink hummingbird watch.

It cost £72 and can be purchased directly from their site or various other places (which are conveniently listed on their site). I bought mine from Topshop as that meant free delivery (yay!) They also offer student discount for any students out there!

It is rose gold plated with a mink leather strap. It has a big dial but still looks elegant and oh so delicate. I have fallen in love with hummingbirds now! The light colours mean that it will match with most things, and is great for any reason. They have many other gorgeous watches which I would definitely recommend looking at. I just wish I could buy more! Well technically I could, but then I'd be broke.. oops.

So that ends my first blog! I hope you enjoyed reading, take lots of care! 

Much love, 

UPDATE ON WATCH FEATURED ABOVE: I had to return this watch as within 2 weeks the gold plating started to discolour and come off (despite of caring according to instructions provided in box).. But I believe I had gotten a faulty item. So with that confidence, I ordered another Olivia Burton watch, but this time a different model from a different shop (just to be certain). I have reviewed it here.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on m blog. This watch is pretty too! It's sad that the plating started to come off though. Mine hasn't arrived yet so I will treat it with caution and hope that the same doesnt happen xx

    1. I think I was just given a faulty item as when I contacted Olivia Burton they said it was not a regular occurrence. I had taken great care of ot (no contact with water, creams, perfumes/sprays etc) and kept it in the box when not worn, so it probably was just a wrong piece. I have gotten my new OB watch and I'll do a review on it within the next week :)

      Definitely miss the beautiful hummingbird design though! X

  2. I have bought 2 Olivia Burton Watches last week. One for my sister and one from my mum. There are 3 retailers in the UK who can offer a discount. I found them on this Olivia Burton Sale Article -
    If anyone wants to buy an Olivia Burton watch check this article out first. You may be able to bag a bargain.


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