How well can a fish breathe out of water?

2:17 am


Something I was thinking about earlier today was to do with judging people and deciding who's 'better' than us. Just a point that stuck in my head was:

     We can't judge how competent a fish is based on how well it can breathe out of water.. or how competent an elephant is based on how well it can squeeze in a small hole..

You get the picture.

We as humans are all unique, so naturally our degree of talents will vary. Some of us might be good at something which others are not, and others might be good at something we aren't! I feel that in certain societies people fail to recognise skill if it doesn't correlate with the 'norm'. We are all so hung up on what the media shows us and pleasing others, that we forget what actually matters and in fact.. sometimes people's opinions don't matter.

This often leads to an individual having false-beliefs about themselves and low self-esteem :( Everyone IS special and fantastic in their own way. And so long as you have a good heart and no bad intentions I don't think you have to worry. If you reading this right now, feel a victim to negative judgement, then please don't worry. There's so much to smile about and be happy about.. you're here alive and a wonderful person! It is essential to ignore and disregard pointless and futile comments that only have the intention to put to down. I'm telling you, you're a fabulous person. Accept it. Okay. Good.

Let this photo of my uncle's kitten trying to sleep in his slippers cheer you up..!

Okay well that was my random serious moment!
It's late now, goodnight!

p.s. I'm still a novice to blogging (I just about know the bare basics... still trying to work out how to follow blogs etc.. hehe) so if you are reading my blog.. thanks so much! It means a lot and I hope you find some use of it! :D

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  1. I just found your blog,and it's amazing:)
    Please keep doing great job!:)

    1. That's really sweet of you :) Thank you so much xxx

  2. Your Blog Is Really Good! Love The Way You Write, its straight to the point and not some long story ;) And yeah I say dont judge a book by it cover you can assume and judge from the way you see someone and they could just be a nice person :) Wish You All The Luck! You should put a following button for Google Followers o we can check up on your blog, :) If you have time do check out my blog and maybe follow ? :)


    1. Aw, thank you! It means a lot when someone appreciates what I write!
      Nice tip, however, I don't know how to add a follow button :P :(
      If you could tell me how then I will :D All I know is that we can follow by adding their URL to our followed blogs.

      Sure I will check your blog out now :)

      Ayesha xxx

    2. I really want to help but don't know how to explain; so basically go on you blog on the right side corner click design> then click layout> then click add gadget (anywhere were you want to place it then) then click how you would want your followers to follow you :) & while your their do what you want ;) Also do follow me :)

    3. Thanks I'll have a look :)
      I am already following you after your previous post!

  3. Aww! How cute! I absolutely LOVE cats. I take it this one is a Persian from what I can see xxx


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