It's OK to make mistakes

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It's February! Whoa, this year seems like it might even go faster than 2013.

So today I I wanted to do a short blog on how we feel when we make a mistake. One thing we forget is that we are ONLY HUMAN at the end of the day, and naturally we will make mistakes! 

How many of you feel terrible and wish you could change what has happened? I am speaking from personal experience. I tend to feel awful and judge myself when I think I have made a mistake, but the truth is, it's far better to LEARN from that mistake then dwell over something that can't be undone. That's why we make them.. it makes us a stronger and better person. And we already prove that by acknowledging and accepting our mistake. Only a wise person would do that!

So even if it's something little or even if your life depends on it.. just accept it and use it to your own benefit. Next time you forget to turn the oven off and burn your food.. learn from that mistake and do something to prevent yourself from doing it next time.. like setting a timer to let you know when to actually turn it off! I know that was a bad example! But it's a common mistake and it shows that little OR big mistakes can all provide a learning lesson for us and we can do something that'll help us grow as a person.

Here's a DOUBLE RAINBOW(!) to bring some optimism into our hearts (aaw). I took this outside the library during my second year at University of Leicester. It was a horrible, dull, rainy, gloomy day (the list of negative adjectives can go on..) but these rainbow's just made me so much happier. It was amazing seeing them outside the library window and getting that extra encouragement to work harder! I had to go out to take photos!

A quote I'd like to share:
"I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice, had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes" - Gene Fowler

Just saying again.. it's OK to make mistakes!

Take care and keep smiling!
Ayesha xxx

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