Hate being jet lagged?

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A lot of you may have experienced jet lag in the past when travelling, and will understand how frustrating it can be adjusting to a new time zone. Jet lag is actually caused by the de-synchronisation of our ‘body clock’. Our bodies are not equipped to cope with sudden changes in time (e.g. going on holiday and travelling to another part of the world where time is different) and it can take several days to adjust to the new time zone. Symptoms can include insomnia, nausea and loss of appetite, fatigue and mild depression. However, this is only a temporary condition until our brain adapts to the new time zone.

If you are travelling from west to east, you will be taking time off your clock, meaning you body clock will have to be shortened. This will be more difficult to adjust to (known as phase advance). Although, if you are travelling east to west, you will be lengthening your cycle (because you will have more time so can go to bed later than usual) making it much easier to adjust to (known as phase delay).

A successful time zone shift depends on knowing the exact times to seek and avoid bright light. Exposure to light at the wrong time can actually make jet lag worse. Personal variables are important too; if you're a 'night owl' you'll typically need a different schedule to a 'lark'.

On my way back from Turkey, 2009

Tips to combat jet lag

Sleep well before you travel
Make sure you're fully rested before you travel, and try to sleep on the flight if flying during night time.

Plan when to take medication
People who have to take medication at certain times of the day should seek medical advice before travelling. Your GP will be able to tell you what times you should take your medicine when you’re crossing time zones.

Adjust to your destination as soon as possible
A few days before you travel, start getting up and going to bed earlier (if travelling east) or later (if travelling west). During the flight, try to eat and sleep according to your destination's local time.

Keep hydrated
Dehydration can intensify the effects of jet lag, especially as aeroplane atmosphere is generally very dry. Avoid alcoholic drinks and drink plenty of water instead.

Be active
Try to exercise and do light stretching during your flight. You can stretch your legs and rotate your ankles in a circular motion. Take a walk to the toilet in your plane cabin.

Natural light
Spend time outdoors in the daylight when you arrive, if possible. This will help regulate your body clock. 

Stay up
Don’t nap as soon as you arrive. This will only confuse your body clock, making it difficult to re-adjust.

Use remedies with caution
Sleep medication is not recommended as it doesn't help your body to adjust naturally to a new sleeping pattern. Many airline staff take melatonin, a sleep hormone, to try to fight jet lag.  

Hope you guys will find these tips useful.

Take care!
Ayesha xxx

P.s. My blog is now one month old! Yayy! :D

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  1. Because i travel quite a lot I get jet lagged a lot and i hate it! Thank you for posting this , this will be very helpful for when I'm traveling soon. I'm following you now! Would you mind to follow me back? :)

    Arayne http://arianaly.blogspot.be/

    1. That's great to hear! :) Jet lag can be very uncomfortable, I hate messed up sleeping patterns!

      I don't do follow for follow, but I'll check your blog out :)

      Ayesha xxx

  2. First of all, congratulations on your one month birthday! Second of all, these are all great tips, especially the one about staying awake. I spent a couple weeks in China this summer and my saving grace was the first day when my family and I decided to go explore instead of going to the hotel to nap first.


    1. Hi Addison! Thanks!
      I'm glad you found this helpful. It's crazy how much wonders natural light can do! Staying up is definitely helpful, it's just the will power to do it which is hard to find (for me)!

      Ayesha xxx

  3. You're blog is fabulous! Do you mind checking my blog out?


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