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Sorry I have been so absent recently.. I have been piled under Master's work and other commitments. Hope you are all well though! 

This is a very short post just to express how happy I am that we are now properly in autumn! Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year, with winter being my favourite season. Now that the leaves are actually golden everywhere, the hot weather has settled down, and the clocks have gone back, it really feels like autumn!

I love the crisp nights and the cool days. Ah, it's starting to get chilly! I'm so happy we have left summer time.. I don't think I can deal with the heat and humidity for so long. 

I love the style trends too.. The beautiful coats, gloves and wooly hats! The golden spread of colour through the streets.. It's all so stunning. I like rain but in moderation. Wind and rain together are my pet peeve. Apart from that I love autumn! It's not super cold yet, so no gloves or hats.. but I can sense that this will change soon.

Took this photo of my gorgeous uni campus!

Do you like this time of year? Or are you sad that summer is over?

Ayesha xxx

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  1. I also love Autumn and layering! You can't beat running through crunchy leaves. ;)

    Tara x


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