Poem on mental health stigma

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I have something special to share today. I wrote a poem on mental health stigma, a cause which I feel STRONGLY about. Here we are:

Mental Health Stigma

"He's hearing voices? What a freak", they say, judging a person when they have no right
"She's mad, stay away from her", they say, thinking she might violently pick up a fight
But schizophrenia is not something that should define who you are
The suffering and trouble you experience is already enough to scar

"Get a grip and be a man", they say, having no idea how suicidal you feel
"Other people have worse problems", they say, not knowing how you cope and deal
But depression isn't something to be taken so lightly
It's a time when it feels there is no light shining brightly

"Stop trying to lose weight, you're not fat", they say, without thinking that you don't perceive that to eat at ease
"I can see your ribs, that's disgusting", they say, having no clue that you don't see what they see
But anorexia isn't something that means you're selfish and vain
In fact, there's more to it, particularly a lot of pain

"Why are you so awkward and irritable at parties", they say, not understanding that social situations are tough
"Stop worrying so much and always being on edge", they say, failing to see that you’ve already had enough
But anxiety doesn't come with a manual on how to cope
Often you can't do much but sit around and mope

Because mental health problems cannot be paraded on your sleeve
They’re much more common than most of us believe
Discriminating against someone when you haven't walked in their shoes
Labelling them as 'weak' without knowing the cause for their blues

Do we think that's appropriate, would you like to be treated that way?
Each person is priceless, so let your negative thoughts go away
If our bodies can get sick, then why can't our mind?
Health is not only physical, it is social and mental combined

Stigma needs to be reduced, awareness needs to be spread
What if one day you suffer, have you thought that far ahead?
Support, love and care, may be all that they need
Be more accepting, that is all I plead

If they’re seeking treatment, shouldn't you be proud?
They have realised something is wrong, they just need help to be found
Mental health problems need to be further understood, isn't that true?
Learn to be more open-minded, that's the least you can do.

Ayesha Shahid

"Keep your head above the clouds, but your feet on the ground" - Photo taken in Tenerife

Thanks for reading. There's not much more that I want to say, other than that I hope I can help reduce stigma associated around these issues.

Take care lovely people!
Ayesha xxx 

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  1. Lovely piece. I've recently started seeing a therapist and it's so helpful. I think the stigma needs to be blasted away!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  2. Such a beautiful and thought-provoking poem. ♥

    Tara x

  3. Adorable! I love your poem )


  4. This post was so heartwarming, I'm sure many people who come across your thoughtful poem will truly appreciate it :) Have a lovely, relaxing weekend, Ayesha!

    - I follow back on bloglovin' -


  5. Beautiful poem and it has such a great meaning :)


  6. A sublime poem and a beautiful photo ;)



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