♥ About Me ♥

Hello lovely people!

My name's Ayesha. I'm pretty cool, let's be friends? :D 

Random facts about me:
- I have two degrees in Psychology
- I'm passionate about mental health
- Chiffon shirts fill up most my wardrobe
- If I was an animal, I'd be a lion.
- I talk to Siri when I'm bored
- I am multilingual

I love:
- Watches & rings
- Mascara
- To travel
- Vintage things
- Autumn & winter
-White roses
- Staying active
- Going for dinner
-  Hot drinks/coffee shops
- Mint ice cream
- Green, blue, pink & burgundy

Other than that, I'm just another person trying to figure out life. I am focused and motivated, but as often life can be unpredictable, I am trying to become more flexible in my approach to achieve my goals. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and therefore, I like to stay positive. I feel it's best to live with no regrets, as every negative experience helps make you a stronger and wiser person.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Take lots of care!
Ayesha ♥