Peppermint tea

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Hi lovelies!

I am a big lover of hot drinks, and while I can drink various types of coffee, I only really stick to English breakfast tea when it comes to teas.. with the exception of peppermint tea :) This may be the only flavoured tea that I actually enjoy drinking. And while I have it moderation (I'm talking a cup every now and then if I feel like it), this past week I've been having it every day. It's one of those momentary obsessions I think. 

How I was initially introduced to it is quite funny. Feel free to skip this paragraph by the way, I'm just waffling! So I was visiting one of my closest friends who is Romanian. She, being a courteous host, asked me what type of tea I wanted. The conversation went like this:
Friend: what type of tea would you like?
Me: normal tea please
Friend: what's normal tea?
Me: umm, you know the black one
Friend: which one? Many teas are black
Me: you know the one where you put milk in it. The tea that everyone drinks here
Friend: I don't know what you're talking about. I have these teas *she proceeds to show me a good array of flavoured teas, of which none are English breakfast tea*
Me: mmm, no, I don't like any of these, thank you
Friend: well I've made myself some peppermint tea if you want to try that?

And then BAM. I was in love. Haha. Such a boring story I know I know. But, at this point I have to admit, my knowledge of teas was quite limited and let's be real, I feel stupid for not knowing the name of English breakfast tea. I'm just so used to everyone in Britain associating 'tea' with that specific kind. I later found out that this tea is very uncommon and in fact rarely drank by many European people. Therefore, they don't know what it is. And many don't even like it! And also find it strange that we put milk in tea. 

Anyway back to peppermint tea! I love the taste and I love the smell - I love everything to do with mint in general to be honest. Peppermint tea has a lot of health benefits too (so I have read). These include: boosting the immune system, improving digestion, reduces appetite (so can help with weight loss), helps prevent vomiting, helps with colds and assists with falling asleep. As my sleeping pattern is a little messy recently and I'm not able to fall asleep easily, I've been trying this at night to see if it helps. So far there has been no noticeable change, but having said that, I don't drink this religiously. There are lots of different brands and types to try (e.g. organic). But I am quite picky and I enjoy Twinings Invigorating Peppermint tea.

Have you tried peppermint tea? What are your favourite flavours of tea?

Lots of love,
Ayesha xxx

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  1. I'm a huge fan of green tea but I do drink English Breakfast when I need a pick me up! I thought I liked peppermint tea but I tried it the other day at work and it was just too strong for me. I think perhaps next time I'll only keep the tea bag in for a short time because I adore the aroma!

    T xx

  2. I absolutely adore peppermint tea...It's my favorite after a meal or before bed with a book :) Otherwise, I'll have some Chai with soy!

  3. Twinings' flavoured teas are soooo good! I'm hooked on a few of their green teams (the lemon and orange and lotus flower flavours, in particular). I still love a good "normal" cup of tea too though. Who am I kidding, I'm just obsessed with tea in general haha! Lovely post :)
    Helen xx


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