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Hey lovely people!

So I'm here with another mascara review! Benefit's newest mascara is 'Roller Lash' which promises to curl and lift lashes. I will be honest, when I took out the brush I was instantly disappointed. The brush to me looks like it would not work very well, and would be hard to use. I don't gravitate towards small plastic brushes. So, naturally I had low expectations. However, when I used it I was pleasantly surprised! It actually worked really well! I still don't particularly favour the brush, but it's not as difficult to use as I imagined.

Although, applying too much or too many coats does make it clump. The mascara curls and lifts lashes well, but it does not do a good job of separating lashes. It can also make lashes feel a little stiff too. I found this to be a little difficult to remove too, which can be irritating for the eyes. 

A good mascara is one of my makeup bag staples, and I find it difficult to find mascara's that give really great results. I would rate this 7.5/10.

Once again I haven't done anything to my lashes apart from put on the mascara.

Would I buy this again? Probably not. Why? Because my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is much much better than this (I would rate it 9/10). Roller Lash is really good, but I wouldn't choose it over BTS. Especially as they are priced similarly - Roller Lash is £19.50 for 8.5g (I have only got the travel size which is 3g). You can buy this here.

Have you used any of Benefit's mascara's? Is there any other mascara you would recommend? Let me know!

Stay happy!
Ayesha xxx

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  1. Your lashes look really pretty but I think I'd rather try your fave Too Faced mazzie! :)

    Tara x

  2. I actually preferred this over their other mascaras. I know what you mean about the clumping but if I've been careful, it looks really pretty. It was definitely a good freebie though!

  3. Great post and great photos. Like a lot. I follow you, could you follow back, pls. Kiss

  4. Lashes look amazing! Seen a few mixed reviews on this but it does look lovely on you x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  5. This looks gorgeous on you. I'm interested to try this mascara as my lashes are very straight. x

    Kate Louise Blogs


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