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Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my signature scent, the only perfume I have been loyal to for many years, and the only one that I ever wear until quite recently when I got Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (review here) to change things up a little. People tend to associate certain smells with places, events, and people, which is why I think having a perfume personal to you is important.

Chloe EDP is just so perfect. When I wear it I feel so elegant and feminine.. it is truly divine! This was released in 2008. From what I've heard, it was quite popular in Europe and US, but not as common in the UK. Which is probably why I don't really know anyone else who has this! One of the reasons why I love it more - it makes me feel unique!

Top notes: pink peony, freesia, lychee
Heart notes: magnolia, lily of the valley, rose
Base notes: cedarwood, amber, honey

Perfume smells different on everyone and this seems to work great with my body chemistry. On me, with first application I get the fresh fruity smell of lychee, which soon sets into a sweet (but not sickly) rose for quite some time, with a nice finish of the base notes towards the end. This is a very sophisticated, clean and warm scent. 

Such a beautiful bottle!
The 75ml bottle with box
It is available in a 30ml (£45), 50ml (£62) and 75ml (£75) - so it is fairly high priced, but totally worth every penny! You can buy this from most good drugstores/perfume shops/department stores, but I have always bought it from Boots and Debenhams, so I have linked those two specific websites. I don't think I could ever get get bored of this, it will probably stay my signature scent for as long as they sell it!

Chloe's service is actually outstanding too. One of my previous bottles started leaking and there was a problem with the liquid, so I emailed Chloe and they asked me to send them the faulty bottle. They then replaced my bottle for a new one AND returned my postage costs! I was so so so impressed as customer service is very important to me. 

There are other versions of this scent (known as flankers) too, which are nice, but none are good enough to replace this EDP for me. 

Have you tried this scent? What are your opinions on it?

Lots of rosy love,
Ayesha xxx

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  1. The bottle is beautiful (the price isn't haha) but I've never tried this before! I think I need to track it down because I'm curious! <3

    Tara x

  2. Lovely scent and beautiful packaging!!!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  3. I have seen and tested this scent in store and immediately fell in love with it - wonderful choice! My signature scent is Pure Poison by Dior :)



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