Costa's favourite customer

4:30 pm

Hi lovelies!

Sooooo I am a big lover of the festive season, especially with the special hot drinks in cafes. Not to mention the awesome cups they give them in! I have to say, Costa is a winner this year.. not just with drinks but with the cups.. a different Christmas character for each size! Win! Starbucks just doesn't make the cut! Sorry Starbucks - take note! Costa also seem to have a nicer variety too.

Living only 5 minutes away from both Costa and Starbucks and being a uni student with morning lectures, it's safe to say I have been pretty reliant on coffee based drinks and something to cheer me up (and keep me warm)! I have started to recognise the staff that works there too. OOOPS! The amount of money they have made off me in the past month could pay my tuition fees (okay maybe not.. haha)! I think the fact that I have tried most of their Christmas drinks and it's not even December yet, says a lot. Whoa. But they are so good!

Santa for large, Rudolf for small

Snowman for medium!

They also have an elf for the espresso drinks. My current favourite without coffee is the orange hot chocolate, and with coffee is the sticky toffee latte (mmmmm!) - but I warn you, it's SWEET. The others are really good too, don't get me wrong, but these are my favourite. Although there are still a few I have to try which I will do no doubt in the next few weeks knowing me. Anybody up for 9am lectures till 4pm (ah the life of a Master's student)?

Have you tried any of these hot drinks? Do you get excited by festive cups too, or am I the only one who is weird? :D

Lots of festive and warm love,
Ayesha xxx

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  1. I've never actually been too found of coffee but the orange hot chocolate sounds amazing! I love this post, the draw up to Christmas is always so exciting

    Canan x

  2. Those cups are sooo cute! I'm actually more of a Starbucks girl but I can't resist a hot chocolate whenever I walk past. ;)

    Tara x

  3. These really are adorable!! Haven't tried any of their drinks yet, I have to save money at the moment...

    Have a great week,

  4. Hey love your blog Ayesha! So glad you found me :)

    Firstly, I can relate to this post SO much...pretty sure I basically fund the rent for at least 3 of the coffee shops around UCL! Something about mochas. And marshmallows. And hot chocolate. And cream...and cake!!

    I've never had any of the toffee nut/x mas flavours...with the exception of one brownie hot chocolate at Costa (tasted not good). They're too sweet...I just want something hot with tonnes of frothy milk tehe.

    Loving all of the Christmas cups too :)

    Tash x

  5. I've only ever gone to Costa for iced tea before (I know, how terrible of me) but this post has inspired me otherwise. The sticky toffee latte just sounds too good to pass up.


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