Autumnal nail colours

10:47 pm

Hey lovelies!

Autumn means a change in fashion.. so why should that just limit to clothes and hats! This time of year I prefer to go for deeper and darker shades on my nails - from shades of burgundy to dark green!

Darker colours are super on trend at the moment - they go so perfectly with the golden spread outside! It really puts you in the mood for autumnal themed activities (I say that like there are specific things to do.. which isn't really the case haha, maybe drinking a hot latte more often).

My personal favourite shades are the first two featured, the burgundy and the dark green/teal colour. The middle colour is more of a mix between blue and purple, I don't use it that often though. And the final two (purple and navy blue) are good to change things up. I actually like No. 17 varnishes because I think they are really good quality, dry well and stay on well. They are pretty cheap too! Definitely prefer them over Barry M (of which I own a large collection, but I don't buy from them anymore).

I don't always wear nail varnish though, I like having bare nails and it's always good to give your nails a break!

What are your favourite nail colours at the moment?

Lots of warm love,
Ayesha xxx

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  1. I have this teal colour and love it too! :) I'm currently wearing black glitter polish!

    Tara x

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