Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT fragrance

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Hello beautiful people!

I'm not someone who gets excited easily by a perfume; even when given a choice, I always opt for my signature scent, which is the divine Chloé EDP. Still to date there is no fragrance that has beaten it. But, occasionally there comes a perfume which I like enough to consider purchasing to wear as an alternative...

This is one of those times! I initially received a sample vial of the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT fragrance and I eagerly tried it on my wrist. Oh my! It was so beautiful! After wanting it for some time, I eventually gave in and got the 50ml bottle.

The bottle is super elegant and the liquid is light pink (not that clearly visible in photo) which is so pretty! It is not a cheap fragrance, but who am I kidding, no good perfumes are ever cheap. At Boots, 50ml retails at £54.50, linked here. It's not that strong and quite light - so it doesn't last too well, but it is an eau de toilette, so that is expected. I do wish it would have been an EDP so it could last longer.

Notes include - Sicilian Orange Essence, Pink Peony, Damascus Rose, White Musks.
One thing to remember is that perfumes smell a little different on everyone, as it depends on how it interacts with your body chemistry. Sometimes some notes are more prominent on others than they are on you! On me, it's definitely very fresh on first application. Then it settles down to a more warm fruity floral, which settles down with hints of soft musk.

I have previously owned the Miss Dior (Cherie - as it used to be called, before it was reformulated) EDP, which was very lovely and gorgeous too. However, I found it to be too strong and way too sweet. This edition is a much 'calmer' and 'relaxed' version, in my opinion. It's very gentle and I think this can be worn day or night. Season wise, I think it would be best suited for spring/summer, but, I never tend to bias my perfumes by the weather. I would wear this all year round. I am definitely making this my 'going out' scent during autumn.

Have you tried this fragrance, or any of the 'Miss Dior' line? What's your opinion?

Stay smelling lovely!
Ayesha xxx

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  1. I love the bottle ( is it shallow of me to judge perfumes based on how pretty it looks?) My personal fave is Coco Mademoiselle, and I know how you feel about having a signature perfume that refuses to retire.

    Another Beautiful Thing blog

  2. The packaging is gorgeous. I'll have to find it and give it a try.


  3. It looks lovely, and I love floral scents so I might try this one! Thanks for the review! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. Oh wow this sounds so lovely! I'd love to try this out xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  5. I'm similar to you in sticking to my signature scents - my ultimate favourite is Dior Pure Poison, but it's just so expensive! This is a great review, although I'm already a fan of this scent after the pretty packaging lured me in to test it! Have a wonderful week :)

    - I follow back on bloglovin' -


  6. The bottle is incredible! I love samples, I always want to try before I buy. ;)

    Tara x

  7. Sounds great! I love the cute bottle. <3


  8. Finally a blog I enjoy reading! :)

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, please follow me back :)

    Fleur x


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