Pastel shades in the cold weather!

5:17 pm

Hello everyone!

The winter weather is really not looking good here in the UK.. so much rain and wind! But, I can happily admit that winter is STILL my favourite season! :D I am looking forward to it snowing, but I know it’ll start to get inconvenient within the first few days. :(
Pastel and deep tones (e.g. navy blue, burgundy) look fabulous during this time of year, whether it’s for clothes, accessories or nails! Pastel colours are very on trend at the moment and I’m loving them! I’m going to share a collection of my favourite pastel nail colours that I love wearing during this cold period.

My two favourite colours right now mint green and pale pink. Pale pink is such a neutral colour that it will look great with anything but also look classy and elegant. Mint green adds a little element of fun and carefree-ness, which to me, looks great. I like to contrast mint green nails with anything I'm wearing (so even though it doesn't directly match I like to just go with it, hehe).

There are many different varieties of blue colours available. 'Pastel blue' seems like quite a broad term when you see the different nail varnishes in store! There are brighter colours, as well as more warm and soft shades (like the Rimmel colour featured above).

I also think this season lilac has really come back into fashion. I've seen it featured for coats, watches, bags.. you name it! They all look beautiful, so I think having lilac nails also looks stunning. A way to add extra 'oompf' is by painting one nail a different colour, or with glitter varnish.

I top coated my 'ring finger' nail with gold glitter varnish
My favourite nail colour brand is Barry M, but I have most of their colours now so I've become open to trying other brands too. I love Rimmel and Maybelline, their quality is also great with reasonable prices. I buy majority of my varnishes from Boots as they sell most general brands and sometimes have offers too! Their Advantage Card scheme is definitely a convincing factor for purchasing from them(!)

Are any of you loving pastel shades? Which is your favourite and how do you style it?!

Much love!

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  1. I like light blue and nude nail colors.
    Nice post - followed you, hope you follow me back ;)


    1. Thanks dear :)
      Sure I'll follow you back :D xxx

  2. I'm currently wearing a mint green Barry M polish! ;) I love pastels all year round, I have the new Barry M Silk set and they're just delicious. The lilac here is so pretty!

    Tara xo

    1. Coincidently I painted my nails last night with the same Barry M varnish!! :)

      Oh I haven't tried their silk set.. Will have to have a little look around!

      There is a Maybelline varnish called 'lilac charm' that I'm looking around for. It's a dull grey lilac.. Just need to find it now!

      Ayesha xxx


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