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5:18 pm

Hello everyone!

As I was deciding and taking out what I was going to wear out tonight, I randomly took some photos as I thought they looked pretty! So I decided to share them on here :)

This is an oversized pink clutch which I'm loving right now (from I've only used it a few times so far but think it would match with lots of different outfits as it's a neutral pastel shade. I think it's very chic and bold at the same time. 

Then come the gorgeous beaded bracelets and a selection of rings! I always have to have a variety of rings.. hehe (purchased from various places). BUT, of course my true love here is the vintage watch! I wore this all through my final year at Uni.. and it's still in pretty good shape! I always get compliments on it (aww) and it has a lot of memories attached to it too. I purchased it from Urban Outfitters. It's real leather and waterproof.. bonus! The globe/map dial is the hero of this! 

Okay so that's that! If you enjoyed reading a fashion/accessories related blog on here then please let me know :)

Much love,
Ayesha xxx

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