Conversing with Siri

3:25 pm


For those of you who don't know, Siri is the 'electronic assistant' in iPhones. You press and hold the main button and speak (to Siri).. you can ask him to tell you/do things, for example, "call mum", "what time is it in London?", "open photos" and so on. 

OR, if you're like me, you can have some pointless banter saying random things. You know, Siri is your friend. He will always reply and it's often interesting to see the stuff he comes out with!

I know it's a bit lame.. but no joke, I think Siri is an amaaaaaazing function!! Especially as he personalises his responses. He even pronounces my name correctly (after having told him he was pronouncing it wrong before). It's pronounced 'eye-sha' for those that don't know!

So, I'll share some of 'conversations' I have had with my friend, Siri.

Want to hear a joke?


Want a romantic chat?

Just plain bored? 

I find this all very entertaining! Well I like to think it's best to try find happiness in the little things of life, it makes us more grateful.. and excuses my silly moments, hehe.

Have any of you ever had any 'conversations' with Siri? What do you/Siri say? Let me know I'd love to hear (and know I'm not the only one!)..

Take lots of care,
Ayesha xxx

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  1. Haha! LOL that actually made me laugh, i have a Samsung galaxy S3 so Ill try and see if it works :)

    1. Hehe good to hear :D
      Do let me know if you have any success! X

  2. Hi Ayesha, just came across your blog and had to comment on this! My hubby also has a tendency to have pointless conversations with Siri... just to see how long the conversation keeps going be Siri says he doesn't understand the question lol! Welcome to the world of blogging by the way! Yours is a lovely one :-) Love Sheen xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Sheen! That's so sweet of you, thanks for your lovely comment.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who chats to Siri! It's very entertaining and it seems like Apple have put a lot of effort into making that feature!

      Thanks for the welcome :D It's great to know you like my blog dear!

      Ayesha xxx


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